Physiotherapists are university educated health professionals who focus on the diagnosis, treatment, prevention and rehabilitation of conditions that cause pain, restrict movement and impair normal daily activities.  Physiotherapy also concerns itself with the restoration of optimal movement and function following illness and injury.  In order to achieve these outcome, physiotherapists require a thorough understanding of the anatomical, physiological and mechanical aspects of the human body and movement, as well as those factors relating to human functioning and the acquisition of skill.

Training and Safety

All physiotherapists in Australia are required to be registered by law. Registration as a physiotherapist is only possible after completion of a university degree in physiotherapy or health sciences with a physiotherapy course.  Physiotherapists work in virtually all areas of medicine, with Doctors and other health professionals.

In physiotherapy, diagnosis and treatment is determined after a thorough clinical assessment is performed. This includes taking a history of the problem, followed by a physical examination. This diagnosis and treatment is derived by a clinical reasoning process and is based on the best available scientific research.

Treatment Options

Physiotherapists use a variety of treatment modalities including:

•    Manual treatments such as joint mobilisations, manipulations, massage and stretches are commonly used in musculoskeletal and sports injury work, to reduce pain and stiffness.
•    Exercise programs, including exercise in water and group exercise programs, designed to improve mobility and strengthen muscles.
•    Muscle re-education
•    Hot and cold packs and electrotherapy to relieve pain, reduce swelling, speed up the healing process, improve movement, and increase functional abilities
•    Airway clearance techniques and breathing exercises, to assist people with a variety of breathing difficulties
•    Assistance with the use of aids, eg splints, crutches, canes, and wheelchairs.
•    Postural re-education is an important role for physiotherapists in many areas of their work.

Physiotherapy involves the treatment of many different conditions in many different healthcare settings. Examples of conditions that physiotherapy can help include work-related and sports-injuries, osteoarthritis, neurological conditions such as strokes, specific problems affecting children, surgical procedures, chest care in conditions such as pneumonia and bronchitis, incontinence and elderly care.

Physiotherapy Can Assist With…

Virtually any condition that affects your muscles, joints, or nerves can be helped by physiotherapy.

Common problems include:

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