Action Physiotherapy is proud to provide services including Physiotherapy, clinical pilates, sports and spinal injuries, spinal stabilisation programs, acupuncture and dry needling, injury screenings and biomechanical assessments, incontinence management, remedial massage and dance program assessments.

We have a dedicated team including Physiotherapists, Massage Therapists, Podiatrists and Acupuncturists.  We are proud to service the local areas of Albany Creek, Eatons Hill, McDowall, Strathpine, Bray Park, Warner, Cashmere, Everton Park, Stafford Heights, Stafford, Ferny Grove, Bunya, Bridgeman Downs, Aspley, Bald Hills and Warner Lakes.



Experts in assessment and management of difficult and complex problems. Our Physiotherapists will develop a plan and work with you to ensure the best outcomes.

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Clinical Pilates

Research based diagnostic and treatment techniques, utilising specialised clinical pilates equipment. The physiotherapist plans and designs individually prescribed exercise rehabilitation programs specific to client needs.


Sports Injuries / Spinal Injuries

Muscular strains, ligament and joint strains. Disc prolapse and nerve irritations. Postural dysfunction.
We have been physiotherapists for Pine Rivers Representative Netball for over 20 years and Lawnton Academy of Gymnastics for over 15 years.


Chronic Pain & Spinal Stabilization Programs

Individually designed Physio programs to improve spinal stability and combat ongoing spinal pains.


Acupuncture and Western Acupuncture

Effective techniques for treatment of pain and dysfunction, by stimulating the body’s release of natural pain killers.


Ante Natal & Post Natal Exercise Prescription

Ensure improved control of deeper abdominal muscles to provide increased support during pregnancy and faster return to normal post natal condition.


Headache Management

Identification of cause of headaches and appropriate stabilisation techniques to assist in  reducing the reccurence of headaches


Injury Screening & Biomechanical Assessment

Physio assessment of postural and sports specific techniques to determine abnormalities and increased risk of injury


Incontinence Management

Specialist investigation into the cause of incontinence, improving control of pelvic floor muscles to prevent incontinence


Remedial Massage & Deep Tissue Massage

Massage deals with the dysfunction of the soft tissue or range of motion of the joints. It is great for relaxation, removal of muscular tension, health management and stress reduction


Dance Program Assessments

Please bring the required paperwork and inform reception that you require a dance assessment so a longer appointment can be booked. Also please ensure that you are suitable undressed eg. leotard/bike pants/crop top. Higher charges apply for this assessment.